Meet Philip

Hi. I'm a video production specialist. My background is in live broadcast, streaming video, production, and post-production. I currently film, edit, and distribute video devotions for the ELS. I also produces a bi-monthly audio podcast with a WELS pastor. I believe that every church should be recording and posting their sermons and my goal is to help them in whatever capacity I can.

Streaming & Recording

I've worked with a number of WELS and ELS churches to help install camera systems with the ability to stream and record worship. Sermons can easily be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube, or other services. Sermon podcasts can be created in minutes and distributed across any imaginable platform for free.

Where do I start?

Every church is different and will have different needs or wants when it comes to audio/video solutions. While it's possible to do a lot "on the cheap," quality video does require a budget. A good PTZ (Point-Tilt-Zoom) camera will cost a few thousand dollars.

Things Philip Can Help With

I've worked in Educational environments around the world. (USA and China) I love helping people when it comes to anything video or technology related. My hope is that I'm able to help you make quality content to share your message.


I can design and install streaming systems for your church. Or I can provide consultations and direction for future plans.


Whether you're looking to record your worship, bible classes, or promotional content, I can provide training, direction, or full production services.


Audio is huge and there are good free hosting services. If you're not podcasting your sermon audio, you should consider it.


Camera basics, design considerations, technology help. Audio and video production. Photography.


Want to do something, but don't know what you can or should? I'm happy to talk you through different possibilities and options.


Posting your content to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Podcast platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, and more.

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